About Foot Petals

Founded by Tina Aldatz in 2001, Foot Petals, Inc. has created a revolutionary business within the footwear industry and offers an entire collection of solution-oriented products for women who have a love/hate relationship with their sexy shoes. The brand offers an assortment of footwear solutions that are not only stylish, but are healthy, too. Foot Petals consists of over 20 unique products, accessories and kits that provide women with fashionable, yet invisible solutions to common problems caused by wearing their favorite shoes. 
Foot Petals shoe cushions are made from PORON Performance Cushioning. PORON repels moisture, bacteria and odor, absorbs shock, and is available in colors that blend with the color of shoes. It will never lose its shape and will last the lifetime of the shoe. We are proud to announce that all Foot Petals cushions have the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance. Foot Petals products are manufactured in the United States and are currently sold with retailers worldwide and online.
After 10 years as a private company, Foot Petals was acquired by the RG Barry Corporation in 2011. According to Tina the fit was natural. “Our companies share a common heritage and similar visions. Both were founded by women who saw unfulfilled comfort needs in the marketplace and developed creative solutions”. Tina remains the President and founder of Foot Petals and is actively involved in the brand’s growth.

Tina Aldatz, C.Ped.

Founder and President of Foot Petals

our-storyFoot Petals Story

Walking in Her Shoes

As a child growing up in California, Tina Aldatz burned the soles of her feet after walking over hot coals buried in sand at the beach. The simple act of walking in sneakers or flats was painful and her feet were never quite the same. Little did she know this traumatic event would plant the seed for an idea that would later flower into a multi-million dollar concept.

After years of working in the fashion industry and endless hours of walking in painful shoes, Tina knew there had to be a better way. In 2001, after extensive research, design, and engineering, she created Foot Petals, the original designer insoles. Foot Petals now manufactures more than 20 types of products that are sold at retailers worldwide and online.

Tina's experience in the fashion industry has helped to make her a successful Latina entrepreneur. As a retail manager for Victoria’s Secret she learned the importance of customer service. Then as Merchandising Manager for BCBG, she learned how to build a brand

As a Certified Pedorthist -- an expert in shoe fitting and modification -- Tina is widely regarded by her peers as a comfort expert. She utilizes her expertise to create new ways for her customers to be even more comfortably chic. Foot Petals’ products have been embraced by the medical community including the endorsement by the American Podiatric Medical Association and recommendations from top Podiatrists.

Tina is determined to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Backed by her loyal, fan-based customers, fashion editors, celebrities and notable stylists like Patricia Field and Rachel Zoe, Tina is inspired to continue developing designer, solution-oriented products for feet, legs and shoes.

She is also committed to supporting the communities in which she lives and does business. Tina makes it a priority to assist numerous local, national and international organizations.